By geodesists for geodesists

With our highly qualified staff, we construct 3D models in IFC format or CAD plans from laser scan point clouds for commercial customers.

Von Geodäten für Geodäten

Mit unserem hochqualifizierten Personal konstruieren wir für gewerbliche Kunden aus Laserscan-Punktwolken 3D-Modelle im IFC-Format oder CAD-Pläne.

Geodeedilt geodeedile

Oma kvalifitseeritud töötajatega loome klientidele laserskanneerimise punktipilvest IFC vormingus 3D-mudeleid ja CAD-plaane.

our win-win promise

Why Laygeo and nothing else?

We offer our services for large and small surveying-, engineering- and architecture offices. Thanks to our highly qualified staff, we are your first point of contact when it comes to BIM and you are already working with a laser scanner.


First of all, a model has to be right. We want to ensure this with our 4-eye principle.


Thanks to our surveying background, we know how important accuracy is.


You do not have to keep manpower on hand. We are here for you.


We calculate the required working hours in advance based on your point cloud and then send you a fixed offer that will remain.

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Darja Moskvina, M.Sc.

BIM Office Manager

Experience as a Constructing Architect and BIM Coordinator / Modeler

Liina Ehrenpreis, B.Sc.

BIM Creator

Experience as a Engineer Surveyor and Urban Planner

Carsten Schröder, M.Eng.


Experience as a Publicly appointed Surveyor in Germany

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